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Dooq are modular sandals, which you can customize so that they perfectly suit your style and mood. Dooq will make your summer even more colorful and stylish. These sandals are ideal for summer travels because they take up a little space. Made by hands and from high quality materials. These sandals are the only pair of shoes that you need for a colorful summer. 



Detailed design, soft lining and medical grade silicone tube in between your toes ensure the comfort of your feet and are comfortable to walk in.  

Modular design.


All elements of Dooq sandals can be changed, so you can always get new parts and adapt to changing fashion trends.  

Handmade quality.


Quality is never boring and it most certainly never goes out of fashion. We are confident of the quality of our product, because every single Dooq part is made by an experienced craftsman. 

Unique as you are.


By combining different Dooq parts you will create a unique set of sandals, perfectly matching your outfit. And when you want to change - mix and match to create another style.

Strongly secured.


Special technology YKK® flex snaps ensure reliable upper attachment to the sole. The magnetic buttons firmly hold super strong neodymium magnet.  

Convenient when traveling.


All of the parts which are needed to create 27 different Dooq sandals weight only 300-500 grams and take up the same amount of space as regular sandals. Forget about piles of shoes in your suitcase.  



Studies show that highest CO2 content is made during the production of soles in comparison with other shoe parts. One sole means less pollution.  

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