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Dooq sandals are made of interchangable parts, which can be combined with each other. You will be a designer of your own unique pair of sandals. And when you get tired of them - quickly and easily redesign. You will be surprised how easy it is!  





Detailed design, soft lining and medical grade silicone tube in between your toes ensure the comfort of your feet and are comfortable to walk in.

You can choose from 2 different soles

'White platform' soles are carefully hand-maded, the foot feels extremely comfortable with the padded natural leather insole. These soles are great match to any collor palette and style.

soles shite page.jpg

'​Flexy Brown' are comfortable from the first steps. They perfectly adapt to your foot and give a barefoot feeling. These soles have a top layer of foam for comfort, covered in soft genuine leather. Extremely flexible. Designed for a long walks.

Dooq Flexy Brown soles for page.jpg


You can choose from 2 diffrent forms and 3 variations: seamless upper, upper with changeable ribbon and upper with changeable strap.

Dooq formoss.jpg


Solid interchangeable side straps are attached to the sole with special technology YKK snaps. You can trust these guys – they will firmly lock on to the upper of your choice. Also snapping them on is really easy. 

soniukai page.jpg


Dooq buttons come in a variety of colors and are attached with an incredibly powerful and reliable neodymium magnet. You won't believe how a simple change of a button will alter the entire look of the Dooq sandals. 

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