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Love sandals? We too! When you’re wearing a pair you can’t help but have a good time. But do you know what isn't so fun? Piles of shoes in your vacation suitcase. That's why we created Dooq. All of the parts which are needed to create 30 different styles of Dooq sandals take up the same amount of space as regular sandals. 




We love Nature and sustainable way of life. Studies have shown that highest CO2 content is made during the production of soles in comparison with other shoe parts. One sole means less pollution. By choosing Dooq you are contributing to a sustainable way of life. And modular design leads to the longer lasting product and reduces unnecessary consumption because it is easy to replace the worn-out parts.


  Funded with KICKSTARTER
  VILNIUS INVENTS 2017 winners
  GOOD DESIGN 2017 winners



Quality is never boring and it most certainly never goes out of fashion. We are confident with the quality of our product because every single Dooq part is made by an experienced craftsman.

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