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More style.

Create sandals.

Again and again.

Travel light.

And with colors.

Modular design

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For the lady who changes her mind on a dime, there’s Dooq, a line of “fully transformable” sandals you can customize in virtually unlimited ways. Every element of the shoe, from the side straps to the button embellishment, comes in a range of interchangeable colors, shapes, materials, and patterns.

The fashion industry is inherently focused on high rates of consumption, so the 'Dooq' women's sandals are designed to make this less of an ideal when it comes to footwear. 


Studies show women spend money on their shoes, but not many of them get worn as much as they need to. The Dooq changes all that, allowing one sole to to be worn multiple times, with the upper elements changing based on the wearer’s choice and fashion sensibilities.